Pipe burst: Virginia island without water for nearly a week

Published 01-25-2019

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TANGIER, Va. (AP) - Residents of a small Virginia island in the Chesapeake Bay have been nearly without water for days after their main line froze and burst.

Tangier Island mayor James Eskridge tells news outlets it could take a week or longer before everything is fixed. He says cold temperatures Sunday night had caused the line to break and drain the island's main water tank.

Eskridge says firefighters can't use fire hydrants and some residents have been gathering salt water to flush toilets. He says fire departments from mainland Virginia and Smith Island, Maryland, have donated water.

The mayor says Walmart, Food Lion and Pepsi have donated drinking water or helped get it to Tangier.

The 2010 U.S. Census counted less than 730 residents on the island, which is part of Accomack County.

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