Judge sentences couple who married during crime spree

Published 12-13-2018

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A Maryland couple who got married in the middle of a multistate crime spree have been sentenced to federal prison.

Thirty-nine-year-old Matthew Dale Bush was sentenced Tuesday to 110 months. His wife, Crystal, was sentenced Wednesday to 20 months.

Authorities say the Grasonville couple began a two-month crime spree through Maryland, Virginia and Delaware in September 2017 during which they broke into businesses and stole automatic teller machines, robbed and attempted to rob convenience stores, and robbed a bank. The couple used several stolen vehicles during the spree, which also included two vehicle pursuits, one extending more than 40 miles from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Delaware.

The two were arrested after crashing a vehicle in Baltimore while trying to flee a bank robbery eight days after they got married.

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