Coast Guard rescues capsized kayaker off Virginia state park

Published 11-22-2018

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. (AP) - The Coast Guard has rescued a man whose inflatable kayak capsized in cold waters off a Virginia state park.

Accomack County police contacted the Coast Guard's command center Thursday morning with a report that someone saw a person in the water north of Kiptopeke State Park. The park is located on the eastern shore of Virginia and offers access to the Chesapeake Bay.

A Guard crew located and rescued the kayaker, who was wearing a life jacket and cold-water clothing. The man was transported to Station Cape Charles where he was met by emergency medical personnel.

Capt. Kevin Carroll is the Guard commander of Sector Hampton Roads. He says the man's life jacket and cold-water gear "could have been the difference between life and death in this case."

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