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If you're planning a vacation trip to the Chesapeake Bay region, you probably already have a good idea of where to stay and how to get there. There are many memorable attractions and activities in and around the area, from the beautiful beaches of Virginia, Maryland and Maryland State Park up to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

There is no shortage of nature trails in the Chesapeake, but two truly great trails are just over a mile long, both part of the Gloomy Swamp Canal Trail, one of Virginia's most popular hiking trails. Although it is only about 1.5 miles long, it remains a good one and runs alongside the dock canal in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

You may be lucky enough to spot some wildlife, but you'll have a hard time on the way down, as it's one of the most scenic trails in the Chesapeake.

The Chesapeake Uncovered blog will provide you with inside information on all the sights and sounds of the region. If you prefer a general view of the area, check out our section on the Virginia coast to see what makes it a must-see - see.

Check out our Chesapeake Bay Bed and Breakfasts directory and don't forget to take a trip to AMF's Chesapeake Lanes. This is the area we will be visiting and it has all the makings of a great place, but there are many other great opportunities in the area.

While you're usually looking for a quieter weekend getaway, Washington, D.C. is worth a visit at least. With a drive of just over three and a half hours, the capital city of Dover, Delaware, will spoil you and your family with a weekend of history and fun. That said, Philadelphia, PA and Charlotte, NC are great places to drive to and from the Chesapeake Bay region in Virginia and Maryland.

The best way to see the Chesapeake Bay is by the water, of course, but hurry up and start planning! It is an outdoor lover's paradise, and the activities in and around Ces theapeake and Virginia will definitely yield a return. Hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, boat or even a boat trip to the coast is the ideal way to see the flora and fauna of Ches and the bay. For more information about travel, see the resources listed below, as well as our Virginia and Maryland travel guide.

Spend a romantic vacation in Virginia and enjoy a boat trip with your partner in Northwest River Park.

The 3-mile round trip of Lafayette Trail can be enjoyed with or without pets and offers plenty of opportunities for lunch, picnics or even a walk on the beach or in the woods. Cape Henlopen State Park offers a variety of ways to spend a day sunbathing or trying your hand at surfing. Take a bike ride along the coast or Kardin with magnificent views of the sea, tankers and sailboats. Nearby there is a naval station to explore, as well as a boat trip through the Chesapeake Bay with views of Virginia Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

As a transportation hub for the region, Chesapeake has always had a strong connection to the rest of the Hampton Roads area, with Virginia Beach - Norfolk International Airport (VHIA) and Virginia Tech Airport converging there. Also within the city is Hampton Roads Executive Airport, located on Bowers Hill near the Hamptons Roads Beltway, and Richmond-Richmond Airport.

Chesapeake consists of two neighboring cities, Virginia Beach and Virginia Tech, as well as a number of other small towns and villages. Chesapeake is home to some major tourist attractions, including the Virginia Museum of Natural History, the Hampton Roads Convention Center and Naval Air Station. There are a variety of camping facilities that offer a wide range of amenities, from campsites to hotels, restaurants, bars, hotels and much more.

Pets are allowed to visit Virginia Beach during the off-season, but are limited between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Whether you're planning a getaway or a two-week vacation, visiting the Chesapeake Bay with your pet has something for everyone. One of the best resorts where all activities satisfy Glasenfyre, and a great destination for pets.

Five rail lines pass through this section of the Chesapeake River and handle intermodal traffic. It has extensive facade and port facilities, and buses from Hampton Roads Transit serve Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Richmond and Norfolk International Airport.

A great experience in Chesapeake Bay is fishing in the wide open water and boating on the coasts of Virginia Beach, Virginia and Hampton Roads in Virginia.

To get a good feel for everything Chesapeake has to offer, plan to spend a week sightseeing, and why not think about trying it yourself. Boating on the lake is a great way to watch the Ches and Delaware Canal boat traffic and to attend the great weekly shows at the Chesapeake Planetarium, which is funded and operated by the Chesterfield County Public School System. The historic district has a variety of local boutiques to linger for an afternoon and a few must do things on their own. Why not take a trip to the Maryland side of the canal and watch the boats and traffic along the Baltimore and Washington D.C. Canals?

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