Chesapeake Virginia Residence Inn

This cozy boutique on the Virginia coast offers beautiful views of the Lynnhaven River, Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. This elegant wedding venue offers spectacular views over the Lynn Haven River and is located on a quay. It is a perfect destination for weddings, family celebrations and special events.

This Chesapeake, Virginia hotel offers comfortable meeting and function rooms on Battlefield Boulevard, including private rooms, common areas and private rooms. The flagship location is just minutes from the sea and is a must - visit attraction for visitors. The entire building can be rented for private events, weddings and special events such as weddings, funerals, family celebrations and business meetings.

Also in town is Hampton Roads Executive Airport, located on Bowers Hill within the Hampton Road Beltway, just a short drive from the hotel.

South of this, NALF Fentress is a US Navy facility and home to a relief landing pad adjacent to neighboring Virginia Beach and Virginia Naval Air Station. Chesapeake has a sprawling facade of docks and stretches to the rural border with North Carolina. Five railway lines are currently crossing this section and intermodal transport is being carried out. It is located on the eastern edge of the Hampton Roads Beltway, north of Interstate 95 and east of I-95.

CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern are two large Class 1 railroad lines connected by three shorter lines. Hampton Roads Transit buses run to the Chesapeake area and other parts of the region, including Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Richmond.

Within the city limits, the Chesapeake Regional Airport is a general aviation facility located south of the Great Bridge. Commercial airlines serve passengers from the airport and fly to and from Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Richmond and other cities in the region, as well as from the Virginia Tech University campus in Norfolk and the University of Virginia.

Chesapeake residents can also watch WSKY, which airs on Channel 4 from the Outer Banks. Chesapeake is served by a number of towers in the Hampton Roads area, as well as local radio stations in Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Richmond.

The event space includes 11 meeting rooms designed for small and corporate gatherings, as well as the opportunity to find a trusted wedding venue in Chesapeake. The professional staff will help you choose your group benefits and the event centre offers events in various formats. Formerly known as Freemason Inn Bed and Breakfast, Four Eleven York, we are proud to continue this beautiful building as a wonderful place to stay and celebrate in Norfolk.

The Mermaid Winery in Virginia Beach, located just off Shore Drive, provides a great backdrop for your event and is a destination just blocks from the Chesapeake Bay and Norfolk International Airport. We will work closely with our suppliers to ensure that our events run as smoothly as possible, with the right time and attention to detail. In the heart of the city, right next to the Hampton Roads Convention and Visitors Bureau, we are in a beautiful location with stunning views of the ocean, bay and our own private beach.

The newly renovated Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel, located just blocks from the Chesapeake Bay, offers beautiful, well-appointed rooms and amenities, as well as access to the Hampton Roads Convention and Visitors Bureau. Located in the heart of the city, a short walk from Norfolk International Airport, the hotel is well connected to both the Watersides Convention Centre and the Founders Inn & Spa. The Founders Inn and Spa offers a variety of spa services, including massages, fitness and massage therapy. We are thrilled with the beauty that VirAginia Beach has to offer as a venue, with its beautiful views of Virginia Beach and the bay.

In addition to a special seafood buffet, the Virginia Beach restaurant has a large bar with a wide selection of cocktails, wines and beers, as well as an extensive wine list. With an elegant and beautiful ballroom for weddings and professional events, Country Villa Inn is a great choice for those who are interested in a private celebration, wedding, reception or even a business meeting or event.

The Residence Inn at Marriott Providence Coventry is a smart choice for leisure and business travelers. Located just a short drive from the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) and Newport News Convention Center, the Residences Inn offers a great location for extended stays, business meetings, weddings and other events. The Residency Inn in Providence, Rhode Island, is an economically wise choice when you move to the area.

Norfolk County, founded in 1691 as Virginia Colony, originally included the area that has essentially developed into that area, but some residents want to make changes to expand their jurisdiction. Chesapeake is one of the few urban areas in a diverse city and consists of a large number of small towns and cities such as Newport News and Norfolk. There is also a variety of protected agricultural land, forests and wetlands, including the Norfolk National Wildlife Refuge, Virginia Beach National Park and the Cheshapeake National Forest.

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More About Chesapeake